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Hello, my name is yuri-chan and I have an unhealthy obsession with iwaki-san. This is pretty much a blog dedicated to my lovely hubby iwaki and the wonderful manga he's from haru wo daiteita.

basic information about Iwaki-san
birthday: January 27 1970
zodiac sign: Aquarius
Chinese zodiac: dog
voice actor: toshiyuki morikawa
weight:68 kg
height:182 cm
blood type: A
from Niigata
his name kyosuke means great assistance/help
if you have anything else you want to know about him let me know ^^

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  1. Totally Captivated | YOO Ha jin
  2. Sono Mama de | Asou Kai
  3. Kimi note | Junko
  4. Abarenbou Kareshi | Junko
  5. Starlike Words | Junko
  6. Recipe no Ouji sama | Junko
  7. Megamix Hiyoko | Maki Murakami
  8. Jounetsu Kakumei | Midoriyama Youko
  9. Haru wo Daiteita | Youka Nitta
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Regarding Ghibli’s supposed “queerbaiting”…


…in the trailer for When Marnie Was There. Please realise that this is a JAPANESE trailer aimed at Japanese people. The trailer is NOT in English, it is NOT intended for western audiences. A lot of westerners have watched a trailer that is not aimed at them, and have applied their western culture and perceptions to it and come up with what appears to be a romantic relationship between Marnie and Anna. Japanese culture is VERY different, and the things you see in the trailer between Marnie and Anna would be considered entirely normal and not the least bit romantic in Japanese culture. So to say that this trailer, that was not made for western viewing, is “queerbaiting” is entirely unfair. Step outside of your own culture for just one moment and realise that this world has many cultures, and many with vastly different perceptions to your own.


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i need to date a girl with the initials AG so we can carve SW+AG on benches

Those r my mums initials…,

say hello to your new dad. i see that your tumblr blog contains some vulgar language. you’re grounded

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